Year 1 Day 349/ Day 3

The newly minted Kor Kor gets a Wiggles pack from his lil bro. He seems to take fairly well to Evan, telling the nurses it’s “his baby” when pushing the bub back to the nursery earlier.

Evan meets his big brother who, incidentally enough is learning all about the Letter E this week.

Letter of the week- E

We’ve been doing very well with our letter of the the week series. I think this is due to several reasons: one, it’s still a novelty and thus quite fun to stick stuff whilst singing the ABCs. Two, it is great mummy-Q time and my “quality time” loving son generally relishes doing stuff one-on-one with me, a rarity these days since my very pregnant form means I get tired easily. Thirdly, the words we picked we’re from his vocabulary (and I’ve tried to pick things he favours) and so not daunting to try and categorize things by alphabet.

I went with the same formula for letter E that began with a trip to the zoo to see the elephants (gotta love the elephant show at the zoo!) and we made a pit stop at a store there that I knew sold Elmo crocs. We didn’t buy one but Q has a great time shouting “E for Elmo” at each pair. There weren’t many people at the store so I let it slide.

In any case, it was just as well I opted to do this early in the week cos little Evan (also an E) came to join our family!

E is for Evan!

Year 1 Day 347/ Day 1

Cuter than the lil duckie we caught the other day is the little froggie that’s hopping about the house!

We welcomed lil Evan Nicholas Tseng late tonight. Kid decided- possibly at the last minute- he wanted a palindromic birth date: 21022012!